With the biggest shopping season of the year coming up, you may be wondering what are the best things to make and sell online to increase your sales. Some of these items are beginner friendly, and some require a certain level of experience and skill, but they all make for great selling products during the holidays. So, as the temperatures drop, let’s turn on the heat and cozy up with a good project.

10 Simple Things to Make and Sell for the Holidays

  1. Christmas Ornaments

  2. Jewelry

  3. Knit goods

  4. Coasters

  5. Candles

  6. Soap

  7. Unique Holiday Cards

  8. Plant and Pet Accessories

  9. Pillows

  10. Sweets

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1. Christmas Ornaments

There’s no holiday keepsake that can compare to a handcrafted Christmas ornament. While you may think of them as being produced primarily in artisanal European factories, the truth is that any crafty, creative individual can create these traditional decorations.

From pressed flowers to carved wood to bold painting, your creative streak will enable you to make truly unique ornaments, which will serve as the perfect gift item. Check out these unique, gorgeous project ideas for inspiration.

A carved wooden christmas ornament. they are great things to make and sell online for the holidays. selz and founderu make selling seriously simple.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is the perfect gift for the holidays. It’s unique, precious, and easy to travel with and wrap up beautifully. If you’re a master metalworker or talented at beading, you already know that jewelry can be a lucrative business idea at the holidays.

However, just about anyone can create unique jewelry. Found objects and prefabricated charms make it seriously simple to quickly make something beautiful. Check out these beginner-friendly projects and remember that a great many objects such as shells, dried flowers, and miniature ephemera can be transformed into wearable works of art.

A wrist displaying bracelets and a watch. Jewelry is one of the most lucrative things to make and sell online. Selz and FounderU make selling seriously simple.

3. Knit Goods

Just about every craft enthusiast has dabbled in knitting and crocheting. If you’re handy with hooks and needles, consider making and selling hats, socks, scarves and mittens for cold weather. There’s no cozier gift in the winter months, and customers are sure to buy knit goods as gifts. They’re some of the more challenging things to make and sell, just because the skillset requires some practice, but the results are both beautiful and practical.

grey knitting project in process, next to purple flowers. knit goods are great things to make and sell online for expert crafters

4. Coasters

Coasters might not strike you as the most exciting craft, but think about it. They’re always a good gift, and an excellent way to showcase design and personality. They are the perfect balance of form and function, while being a very approachable project. Think about what designs would be a perfect fit for your niche. You could use your brand’s pre-existing designs to round out your selection. Or, you could offer coasters made of simple and natural materials like clay and wood. A little collage or paint will go a long way, but a lot of customers will also go for more minimal, rustic looking coasters.

Coasters with cookies and cocoa on a table. COasters are easy things to make and sell online for the holidays.

5. Candles

We spend more time indoors as the temperature drops, and feel the need to make our spaces extra warm and inviting. Candles bring in light, warmth, and scent to our spaces, and are a cornerstone of the Scandinavian hygge ethos that’s taking the US by the storm. Seasonal outdoor scents like pine and spruce bring the outdoors in, while baking spices celebrate the indulgence of winter holidays.
Candles are surprisingly
simple to make. All it takes is a little wax, wick, and either essential oils or a made-to-order fragrance. Invest a little time in a well designed label,  and you’re sure to have a highly sellable product. Candles are always a great gift option, but also, the type of products consumers treat themselves to. That means that when done right, candles are ideal things to make and sell online during the holiday season.

Purple candles beneath christmas tree. Some things to make and sell online are fun and easy, like candles.

6. Soap

Everyday items like soap can easily be upgraded to luxury products with the right ingredients. Making great soap requires precision, but with a good recipe, it’s a fairly simple, satisfying project. Plus, it’s a great way to stretch high quality, on-trend ingredients like activated charcoal, seaweed, raw honey, or essential oils. Filler ingredients like oatmeal and olive oil are pretty cost efficient.
When you’re considering things to make and sell around the holidays, remember to keep it seasonal. Just like with candles, consider incorporating seasonal scents like warming spices and crisp evergreen notes. You can check out this
luxurious soap recipe to get started, and remember that with all the soap recipes out there, there is a lot of opportunity for customization.

A photo of handmade oatmeal soap. Soap is one of the best things to make and sell online.

7. Unique Holiday Cards

Some people send out cards every year like clockwork, and some people have never sent a holiday card in their life. The key to converting either type of customer is the same: irresistible, original design. Any talented illustrator, painter, or photographer can spin their work into marketable holiday gold with some quality cardstock and thoughtful message.

The real key to success here, however, is making these cards available early, so that customers have time to receive, write, and deliver these cards to their destination by the height of the holiday season. Consider also offering seasonal thank-you cards, because many of your customers will need these at the end of December.

An illustator draws a pine cone on a christmas card. holiday cards are easy, practical things to make and sell online for the holidays

8.Plant and Pet Accessories

We all know that one person who spoils their plants or their pets, and it makes gift shopping for those individuals pretty simple. With all the mass-produced dog toys and cookie-cutter terra cotta pots out there, customers are seeking more unique gifts for their plant-and-pet-loving friends.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at macrame, you know that these projects go pretty fast once you get started. Macrame hangers are everywhere right now, so invest in unique rope and string for a one of a kind product. Potters can create bespoke planters for houseplants in a whirl, and a glaze in seasonal colors will give the product an element of holiday cheer.
If you’re good at sewing, consider whipping up apparel, kitschy toys, and blankets for pets. People love their fur babies, and the winter months put an extra challenge in keeping them comfortable, and entertained indoors. Unfortunately, many pet products are not exactly beautiful. By using pretty, on-trend fabrics with bold graphics, you’re more likely to appeal to the aesthetics of a niche that has long been forced to choose from dull, neutrals and boring patterns. Check out this simple squeak toy tutorial to get started.


9. Cushions

Pillows and cushions are a great way to personalize and tie together a room. They’re also a really easy, quick craft. Whether it’s a conversation-starter needlepoint, or a bold illustration, pillows make great gifts for the holiday season.

You’ve got a few options here. You can go totally on brand, and design pillows targeted specifically to your established niche. You can take a more universal approach, and choose on trend textures, patterns and colors for more of a fashionable, interior design statement approach. Motivated on a budget? Upcycle fabric scraps to create timeless quilted patterns.

Black, grey and white cushions on a bed. These are good things to make and sell online, wonderful holiday gifts.

10. Sweets

No one’s diet survives the holidays, so why not feed the frenzy? Artisanal candies and cookies are easy for home cooks to whip up in a flash, and an obvious choice. A simple chocolate mold can put you in business in no time. And if you’ve got artistic skills, you can make and sell a holiday tradition like decorated cookies.

However, it’s good to get creative here, too. If your brand focuses on health or wellness, decadent treats may not be the way to go. Consider creating mixed powders for a healthy version of hot cocoa or chai lattes. Even baking a batch of granola is an easy way to make and sell a healthy, sweet treat. Unique flavor combinations and high quality ingredients are what will set your sweets apart from the rest, and beautiful packaging will seal the deal.

Star shaped Christmas cookies in holiday colors. Nothing says the holidays like sweets, which is why candies and cookies are great things to make and sell online in december

We had a lot of fun putting together this list, and are feeling pretty inspired to roll up our sleeves and make some special stuff this holiday season! What are you going to make and sell for the 2018 holiday season? Let us know in the comments.